Epicuro Flexalastic is an EN1504-2 compliant cementitous concrete coating. It gives protection against water ingress and chlorides. It is also an extremely effective anti-carbonation coating. Flexalastic is a vapour permeable, anti-carbonation, chemically resistant, waterproof coating that withstands alkaline and acid environments. Its develops strong adhesion to concrete and accommodates small movement. Unlike other waterproofing systems, that demand a dry surface for application, Flexolastic EPI is applied to wetted surfaces. 

  • 2-component, cement based flexible waterproofing and anti-carbonation
  • High-build polymer modified cement-based slurry
  • Applicable to vertical & horizontal surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to practically any surface
  • Apply by brush, trowel or suitable spray equipment


  • Apply to damp or wet surfaces
  • Flexible yet hard wearing protective coating
  • Forms tough hard wearing surface
  • Will not support bacteria growth
  • Resists frost, salt & chemical attack
  • Anti-carbonation coating for structural concrete


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